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​Finding a supervisor is HARD. Been there. Done that. How do you know what to look for? How do you know what you don't know? Hopefully, I can give some guidance, and make it a little easier.

First, remember you're interviewing a potential supervisor, not simply picking the cheapest or who has availability. You just spent 4 years in undergrad and a few more years in graduate school, don't cut corners on supervision.

Second, be discerning and look for a supervisor who's in it for the right reasons. Unfortunately, just like any other profession, there are those in it for the passion and those that are in it for the money.

Third, know what you're wanting in your supervisor and experience. If you're wanting to be in private practice then you need to find a supervisor who is and doing it in compliance to Federal, State laws. You'd be surprised at how many are not out of their own sheer ignorance.

I'm always interviewing potential Associates so perhaps we should talk. Please note, if you have plans to begin your own private practice while under supervision, I will not enter into any supervision agreement with you. There is simply too much liability involved to take the risk. (See BHEC Rules 681.93b).If your plan includes learning the ropes regarding Federal and State compliance issues, stretching your skills and learning new ones as well as myriad of other things you didn't learn in school about running a legal and compliant practice prior to starting that practice, then please reach out!

My Approach
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