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The Full Story on my Oregon & Washington Licensures

After having several clients relocate to the West Coast during COVID for various reasons--job relocation or college--I found myself applying for out-of-state licensure. In the beginning, I attempted to help my clients search for and vet new therapists, but they struggled to find an environment where they felt safe to be themselves fully. They found when they expressed different viewpoints and they felt belittled. I didn't understand. As therapists, that's a fundamental basic of the job--to support differences and learn from them. These clients asked if I knew anything about counseling across state lines, so I begin to look into it. COVID had opened the borders in most states so I could still see them across state lines legally, but then the state-of-emergency allowance ended. This prompted me looking into full licensure; I'm not one to risk practicing against the law, lol. The process wasn't too labor intensive or costly, so I did it. THEN on a much needed break from the US and the drama of COVID, I found myself poolside in Mexico with several couples from Oregon and Washington... that's when it all made sense. I realized the experience wasn't isolated to my few clients. There's a need I didn't know existed, but one I can assist with. Sooo, here I am.


If you're located in Oregon and/or Washington states and struggling to find a therapist with more conservative viewpoints, I'm here. I'll listen, support, and guide you through appropriate coping skills in order to respond to the world in which we now live.

Oregon, Licensed Professional Counselor, 2021

Washington, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 2021

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